giovedì 3 novembre 2011

3 Good Reasons Why Google + Might Be The Best Social Network Available for Attorneys

Better Personal Privacy Controls Than Facebook and Twitter: This is perhaps the strongest reason for lawyers to Google + as their personal social networking platform, because it provides the most amount of control and privacy in a virtual world that has become accustomed to its users allowing the social network to set the level of privacy that the users are operating at.  By arranging the people in your social network into “Circles,” you can dictate who gets an invitation to the firm’s New Years party, who gets invited to your little girls’s upcoming 4th Birthday party, and who sees a racy joke about a blonde in a bar you wanted to share with old college buddies.  *This feature is expected to continue on to Google + Business Pages, but without using it I cannot say that this will be the same on a marketing level.

Google + Helps to Limit Over Sharing of Information, and Helps Prevent Future Potential Embarrassments: Unlike Facebook or Twitter,  Google + users are required to ask themselves who will see the information that they are posting because they have to manually select which “Circles” will see the material you are choosing to post.  Through default settings Facebook and Twitter users are unwittingly pushed towards the public disclosure of their information for targeted advertising purposes and the overall user growth of these social platforms—all at the expense of the user of these networks.  The most handy tool for discouraging over sharing on Google + is the feature that allows you to see your own profile page from another user’s perspective, which is something that the other social networks don’t offer. This provides even greater control on the user’s part, and it encourages more thoughtful sharing of personal information. It also leads to a greater piece of mind, something that is not quantifiable, but is a huge added benefit over the other competitor’s networks.

Muting Annoying  Posts on Google + Can Lead to A Better Use of Personal Time
Many of us have experienced “liking” someone’s picture or profile page and then getting updates via email or newsfeed for every new person who likes the picture too or adds a comment. 250 comments from strangers later, you never want to “like” another thing again, and you have consumed more useless information about other people’s opinions about Photo Shop than you could ever use.  With Google + you have the option to “mute” or as I like to think of it “put blinders on” to focus only on the information you are interested in/ or need. For professionals like attorneys, who have a very limited amount of time  to spend on activities like social networking, this ”mute” button allows for a more productive use of time on Google +, and the ability to filter information much more efficiently.

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