lunedì 14 novembre 2011

AVG - New Version

As some of you may know I have been a long time supporter of AVG Anti-Virus. I have recommended it to many of my customers who were looking for a good security product that would not slow their computer down. The best part is that it is free for home or personal use. The newest version is no exception.

Those of you that have an earlier version of the program may have already received notification that the new version is available. Clicking on the link in their notification will most likely take you to where they sell the paid version. I recommend instead that you use the link I have provided below. This will take you to the correct website for choosing the free version 9.0.

If you have never tried AVG because you feel more comfortable paying for your protection but your current product is about to expire or you want to use AVG on your business computer, you can also use the link above to get the paid version. The paid version retails for $34.99 while the comparable version of Norton or McAfee retails at $39.99.

For computers that are behind a router this level of protection is more than adequate. For those of you that connect your computer directly to a cable or DSL modem you may want to consider purchasing their Internet Security which is also available from the link above. I will caution you that using any "internet security" suite will cause a computer to run much slower and internet web pages will take longer to load.

For the same price or less of AVG Internet Security you could purchase a router to put between your modem and the computer. This not only balances the cost but gives you the protection of a hardware firewall which to some is considered preferable to any software solution.

One other bit of advice is to only run one anti-virus or internet security suite at a time. If you already have AVG, the new version will remove the old version for you. If you are switching, uninstall the old software then reboot the system before you try to install AVG. Finally, a reminder that no security software will protect you 100% of the time. I can only say that during the past 9 years, since I first started using AVG, it has protected me against threats that friends, family and co-workers, who used another product, fell victim to.


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