lunedì 21 novembre 2011

How to add Google as a search provider in ie9

Interesting… I was recently setting up a new PC, and then installed IE9.

So far, its all quite simple.

Then I get the usual annoying setup wizard, that asks all the questions designed to confuse a novice computer user (do you want to activate web slice, etc).

At the end, I expect to be taken to a web page, where I can select google as my default search engine… but google isn’t there!

So whats microsoft up to?

I quickly find many posts saying:

hey, its easy, just go to: tools -> manage add-ons -> search providers -> find more search providers

But the problem is that I’m taken to a microsoft page that gives me the following choices:

BingEbay AustraliaGrays Online

So where is google?

It turns out that microsoft believes that if you don’t live in the USA, then you don’t want to use google as a search provider…

But the solution is easy when you know how…

Just navigate to:

Google search provider in IE9

Then pick google on the left.

I wonder how long this page will remain available, before Microsoft decide to make it “disappear”?


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