domenica 13 novembre 2011

Don't Get Fooled

Fake alerts are a very common way to trick people into downloading malicious software onto their computer. They go by various names and appear in many different formats but the outcome is always the same. If you aren't paying attention, you might think the message is legitimate and follow the steps they suggest but before you know it your computer becomes almost useless due to constant warnings about viruses.

Here are some tips to help you remain safe from these rogue programs...

Tip 1: Make sure you know what antivirus program you use and ensure that it is up to date. The makers of these fake alerts are very sneaky as they use warnings that look official. If you know you use Kaspersky, Norton, AVG or some other software and you get a notice that does not come from your specific protection program, you can avoid a lot of headaches by not clicking on any links presented in this unkown warning. If you have a question about a specific warning you receive, call us before doing anything.

Tip 2: While on the internet when presented with instructions to download an update stop and do a little checking before blindly clicking "yes" or "install". If you want to see a video clip sent to you by a friend and are advised you need to update to the latest version of flash player, instead of clicking on that link close that windows and open another browser window then do a search for Adobe Flash Player. Go through the steps to install the software from the official website. Now go back to your friends video clip and if it still says you need to update, you know this is a fake.

Tip 3: Use an alternate web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari. Several sites exploit vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer and although the alternatives are not exempt from all exploits they sometimes do a better job of keeping you safe. No matter which browser you decide to use make sure that you have the built in pop-up blocker turned on.

Here are a couple examples of fake alerts...

Antivirus 2009 Fake Alert

Fake Windows Security Alert


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