sabato 5 novembre 2011

Remote Support Options

I’m looking at options for remote support for my customers.  They’re pretty expensive, but I think I’ve settled on one in particular I’d like to use.  Before taking the financial dive and purchasing the necessary licenses I’d like to know if this is something others would be interested in.

Remote PC Support, simply put, is allowing a technician to access your computer from over the internet in order to perform tasks just as though they were sitting at your computer.  This saves time, money and greatly increases productivity.  The cost of such a service can be broken down into four categories:

One time service/Quick SupportPay-Per-ServiceMonthly ServiceContract Service

A one time service (Quick Support) means the customer would pay a set fee and download the necessary program as instructed by the technician.  This program would not require installation on the customer’s computer, but the customer would run the program which will give a code and a password.  The customer either calls or emails the code and password to the technician who then uses that information to connect to the computer and fix any problems.  All the while the customer can kick back and watch their computer do the work for them.

Pay-Per-Service is similar to the one time service in that the customer will pay for each remote service session. However a background program would be installed to the customers computer similarly to the monthly and contract services so that concurrent services after the initial setup would require no interaction on the customers part.

A monthly service would set a flat monthly fee that the customer would pay for remote support.  The technician would install a program on the computer that would run seamlessly in the background without any interruption to the customer.  When the customer has a problem or needs support they call the technician who can connect to the computer and fix the problems without any interaction on the customers part.  This type of service can even be done when the customer is not using their computer so there’s no interruption in their work schedule or routine.

A contract service would work similarly to the monthly service, however the details of the number of service requests, hosts and level of support would be worked out in advance.

Remote support is easily one of the best options for getting your computer back on track in no time flat.  It saves gas, money and time so if you’re Earth conscious and want to be “green”, you might want to try this option.  If you have any questions or comments please email me, comment or give me a call and I’ll be sure to get back with you quickly.

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