giovedì 10 novembre 2011

Automatic Updates on? Better check anyway.

I just finished working on a customers laptop the other day. The problem was that she had a user password error. Well, being customer driven I almost always include extras here and there. Whether it be cleaning up temp files, checking updates or fixing a small email problem for free.

I checked to make sure the updates were current, I verified that it was set to automatic updates and then proceeded to check for updates. It started with 3 and then restarted. Then it appeared to me, Vista service pack one. Ouch, that is 4 years worth of critical patches and security updates.

I also informed the client that they did not have a virus scan and that I could install one that is free of charge and one that I use on my own computers, she agreed and thanked me.

She informed me that she chose me because I was the only one on Google with 5 stars and that she is definately going to leave me 5 stars.


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