domenica 20 novembre 2011

Where is view source gone in Firefox 6 ?

I recently upgraded to Firefox 6

And soon afterwards, I was wanting to look at the HTML source for a web page, and I tried to do what I normally do:

view -> page source

But its not there anymore!

A quick search of the menus didn’t find it, so I initially gave up & used internet explorer.

About a day later I decided: Right! It has to be somewhere!

I then found 3 different ways of viewing the page source code:

right-click on a “empty” part of the page, and then select: view page source. Its quick, but doesn’t work of some parts of a web page.Ctrl U (like the previous technique: its quick, but doesn’t work if you have the cursor in a text input field)tools -> web developer -> page source

I still like the old view -> source

Maybe in firefox 7? or in firefox 96.5? -)


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