lunedì 14 novembre 2011

Paste text without formatting

When copying rich-text from a web page, Word document, e-mail, or other program the formatting of that text will remain with that copied text. For example, if you were to copy this paragraph of text, "This is bold" would remain bold when pasted into Word or another document that supports rich-text. Although many programs including Microsoft Word include a Paste Special feature to paste text without formatting, anyone who does this frequently finds that without a universal shortcut key, it can really slow you down.

This is where the fantastic free tool PureText can make your life easier. This tool runs in the background and can paste plain text into any program using the same shortcut key you choose, by default Windows key + V is used. PureText is capable of removing font faces, font styles (i.e. bold, italic, etc.), font colors, paragraph styles, extra spacing, bullets, tables, and pictures from any text you copy. Download PureText Computer tips home - Software tips


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