domenica 13 novembre 2011

New weBLOG

Hello to Columbus and Central Ohio in general and welcome to Key Issues. This area of the Key Computer Solutions website is officially open. I hope to be able to use this area to provide customers, as well as the general public, with valuable computer repair information. If I stumble across an interesting article, some new and beneficial software or any other fun stuff, I will post it here.

This area of the website will also serve as a replacement of the newsletters I have previously sent out to my existing customers. Rather than limiting the articles to general information I will be able to go into more detail and include links to other resources. It is my hope that you will benefit from the information contained here.

This is my first attempt at maintaing a blog. As I get more proficient with the way this works I hope to be able to open up the blog to allow you to add content. In the meantime, please enjoy the new addition. If you like what you see and would like to be notified when new content is added, click on the "Subscribe to RSS" link.


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