lunedì 21 novembre 2011

Control Internet Access: help your kids focus on their homework and your employees focus on their job

Computer Aid has now released another great software utility:

Control Internet Access

CIA is a tool for restricting and monitoring internet access on a computer.

Developed by Mike Hansell, it was designed to help parents keep their children focussed on their homework, by restricting internet activities that can cause hours of distraction (eg youtube, various messenger applications like MSN, Facebook, Twitter, as well as websites that contain various taboo/blacklist words (like poker, gambling, etc… the list can be easily altered).

CIA was mainly designed to be as simple to use as possible. You don’t have to be a geek to use it.

Probably the most difficult part of setting up CIA, is picking a password that others cannot guess.

After that, you setup a weekly schedule, by simply pointing and clicking at a visual timetable.

Each 15 minute block, can be configured for:

No restrictionHomework (restrict time wasting activities including YouTube)Homework (restrict time wasting activities excluding YouTube)High restriction (No web browsing, chatting or messaging)Shutdown PC (PC cannot be used at all)Monitor Only (take regular screen snapshots)

If a parent needs temporary access to the PC while a CIA restriction is in place, then just clicking on the taskbar icon will let you enter your password, and then you can use the PC normally.

Of course, CIA can also be used for the office, where employees can waste many productive hours on the internet. CIA can help reduce these productivity losses.

And don’t forget the advantage of restricting access to sites that could infect a computer. CIA can help increase the effectiveness of your antivirus software.

Download the 10 day trial of CIA, you’ll find that its different from most other parental control software currently available.


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